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Wedding organizers often hire a belly dancer for larger wedding ceremony.


Several opportunities can be picked for performances.

The dinner or ballroom celebration is the main occasion wherein the bellydancer is introduced as a surprise to all guests.
A sword show, candle tray show or Isis wings are popular, should there be sufficient space.

Dynamic drum solo or Pop Lebanese, Turkish or Iraqi dabka can follow, with audience interaction if so wished...

An alternative is beautiful veil , fan veil or Isis wing show with classical music.

Please see the videos page.

Elegance of costume is a key feature, although some families will also favour a less-revealing outfit....


The bride is invited to dance with the performer, then the other guests....

Mini-classes are optional.

A package includes several shows (3or 4) with mini-workshop if required.

Please let Skara know how she can oblige, in order to make your Special day extra-special!.


And: Congratulations to you and to your family!

"Thank you Sandrine.

You were terrific, My friends loved you. "

Serena W., West London

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