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Book a belly dancer or Samba performer for Corporate events in London

Sandrine London belly dancer is available for hire for product launches, corporate events, business functions, away-days, motivation workshops, etc...


Bellydance is usually used as an effective Marketing ploy, to attract wider audiences to the business. Classes can be included.


It can also be a nice distraction from a tense boardroom meeting. Workshops can be included into a long away-day...  It has also proven to be a pleasant and effective exercise in team-building...

Please visit her Life -Coaching website, for package ideas...


Skara can travel throughout the UK.
However prices as cited on the
Fees page are valid for London. Please use the contact page for specifications.


Services for commercial videos are available, so long as they are respectful-enough, and not degrading...

This artist is well-versed in acting, modelling and dancing in Pop music videos.

Please see her main Biography page.

Festivals are exciting family or health events, where Belly dancers as well as colourful Latin performers are extremely popular.

There is usually a wider space, so props can be welcome: Veils, Isis wings, sword, sticks, etc...


Please let Skara/ Sandrine know if you wish for her to invite the crowd to dance. Props can also be brought for the audience participation.

Fees are for London or thereabouts. Please use the contact page for prices outside the capital.

Skara also knows other performing art forms: Brazilian Samba, Folkloric Caribbean dances, etc...

Women's empowerment tips

Sandrine is very experienced at delivering Dance Cultural presentations or lectures on dance/ music psychology.

Those can be included in a program of dance workshops, for education purposes.

“If I can't dance to it, it's not my revolution.”
Emma Goldman
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