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Frequently Asked Questions

•       Why upfront payments?
This is common practice amongst entertainment professionals. This precaution is meant, along with the contract, to protect both client and artist. It will avoid misunderstandings, time-wasting discussions on the night of the party, as well as awkward distractions from the fun. Whilst cash is acceptable on the day from regular clients, advance fees are otherwise sine-qua-non conditions for performances from this stage artist.

Should you wish to discuss deposit options, please note that the full amount will still be due BEFORE the day of performance.

The performer is however prepared to understand circumstances when organising a hen party, and the difficulties in getting everyone to chip in before the event.

Please make contact to arrange a deposit-based contract.

Too many times have customers promised to pay “upon arrival”, only to disappear or pretend they were still collecting ticket receipts... Often the dancer has had to wait hours backstage whilst organisers gathered the adequate fee for her services. It is simply unfair to the performer, who is a professional like any other. Should you wish to book another dancer, with more flexible approaches, then do feel free to browse the web. Agencies, however, will also ask for booking fee and commission in advance of the gig. Good luck with it!...

•       How do I know the booked entertainer will in fact turn up?
This performer has years of working on the stage as a professional: actress, dancer, or singer. Sandrine also runs a small agency, She knows the business of entertainment and events management. She is also in touch with various dancers or singers, who are in the same boat: unfortunately not many people do take the business of show business seriously; they assume that those talents are just dilettantes. This is in fact a very serious venture: contracts are drawn, reputations are at stake, and besides anybody can nowadays go on the web and post negative comments…For credentials, please see various pages on this website, testimonies, biography and reviews… The belly dancer sends in writing agreed details, terms and conditions, and signature, over to the client, before turning up for her shift. If you thought of hiring another professional for private services, what would be their requirements for work?...

•       How are fees calculated?
Many people are unaware of the amount of work involved in getting a satisfactory performance ready. Whilst a mini restaurant performance may not require as much, a larger festival, corporate, wedding or hen night party would demand hours of preparation. Hair, make-up, training, workshop preps, practice, administration, marketing, and perhaps accountancy... Let's not forget the cost of the costume, the amount of constant repair work it requires, and last but not least the public transport time to the gig, with heavy luggage...
This entertainer rounded up her fees to meet the average in surrounding market prices. As mentioned above, do feel free to shop around!

As leading Orlando Belly dancer Carrara Nour puts it:

"Hire a Free Belly dancer"

•       What should I provide the performer with?
The usual requirements are as follows: loud-enough speakers for music playback (or drummers), a safe space to change and/or drop her belongings and luggage, a physically-safe space to move (dry, neat floors, etc), a safe environment to perform in (no sexual harassment or any inappropriate conduct whatsoever), perhaps a glass of water or two, a mirror if possible. Food is optional: it is your event, the dancer does not wish to interfere. Should you wish to offer a bite to eat, it is best to do it after the show. Thank you.

•       Is bellydance suitable for my event?
Belly dance is becoming more and more a very fashionable, beautifully-exotic way to entertain your guests. It is more tasteful than portrayed in mainstream media, and much classier than broadly-conceived in the West. It is suitable for weddings, bachelorette parties, birthdays, leaving dos, festivals, as well as motivation weekends for businesses. The sky’s the limit!...

•       Can I tip the belly dancer?
Tips are welcome, on top of the agreed fee. In no case is it acceptable to extract the amount collected on the night from the initial payment. What is more, tipping must always be done respectfully. It must never be seen as an opportunity to touch the performer.

•       Are guys allowed?
Mixed crowds or women-only crowds are welcome, but this entertainer declines male-only audiences.

•       What do I wear for a belly dance class?
Comfortable clothing, flat ballet/ jazz shoes or bare feet. The teacher will provide a belly dance coin scarf, unless you already have one.

  • Could we have a belly dancing cultural presentation?

A workshop and cultural presentation following a performance can be popular choices for groups such as Women's Institutes, bachelorette parties, students, etc... This artist has more than eight years experience in entertaining lectures and education-based, interactive classes.

  • Do you perform for same-sex marriages?

The answer is yes, of course. Sandrine will also do gay men stag nights, as an exception to her no-male-only-audience rule.

  • Any other options?

Please make contact and discuss your needs with the performer.

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