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Contact Sandrine for your next event or dance class


+44 7463 609 403


Please read Booking Terms and FAQ page before hiring your performer.


Skara is available for public or private events: weddings, hen nights, product launches, festivals, anniversaries; television work or music videos: in London, Europe, the West Indies, or UAE...

Please tell the performer of any specific requirements:
Party theme, occasion, music styles, costume styles/ modesty, dance styles, floorwork/ no floorwork, date, location, time, number of guests, props, interaction/ no interaction, etc...


Due to the Coronavirus crisis, cancellations are available and booking terms are more flexible. 

please make contact for more details.

Advance payment is requested, so the performer does not need to stay behind and wait for the remnant of her fee. If the booking is more than 6 weeks away, then a deposit arrangement can be made.

Should you desire to make contact with regards exceptional deposit arrangements, please discuss your needs.

A Paypal receipt will be automatically issued, and an extra contract can also be sent out to the customer.

Skara is not available for all-male audience


Your details were sent successfully!


A Belly dancer is NOT a prostitute, nor a stripper.This is NOT a performer for the sex industry.Therefore there should be a clear understanding from the time of the booking, that the dancer should feel at ease to move and express herself artistically without fear of harassment from either males or females in the audience.Inappropriate behaviour of one type or another will cause the show to come to an abrupt  end.

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“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances. ”
Maya Angelou

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