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Fees for belly dance/ samba performances or classes


Please make contact for details of your request.

Also read Booking Terms and FAQ pages.

The dancer will need extra money to travel outside Greater London.

The following are standard fees, and often much lower quotes than other performers in London.

Please bear in mind the amount of money spent on costumes, training, advertising, and classes....

Book a Belly dancer for hen nights in London
London belly dancer samba dancer
Wedding belly dancer entertainment UK
Party packages £200


Restaurants, hen nights, Childrens parties...

Please allow for additional margin for outside London transport.


Prices cover two small sets with various props, or 30 to 40 minutes with interaction, depending on the venue.

For hen nights, this could be one small show followed by mini workshop of up to one hour.

If you require a shorter time, please make contact.

Regular restaurant gigs can be booked for a lower fee.

It might also be possible to pay on the night.

Please make contact.




Weddings or Festivals £200


Up to one hour's entertainment/ entertainment and workshop, in total.

Including various costumes and props if so requested.


Please allow travel extra fee, for outside London gigs.

London belly dance classes Burleigh house
Workshops or classes £60


This applies to small groups or individuals.


Classes are typically between 45 and 90 minutes.

Please let your teacher know what your goals are, what your level is, etc...

London belly dance classes Enfield

Business Away Days £400

Full away-Days or a minimum of two or three hours of motivation-speaking/ life-coaching, belly dance (or/ and"Thriller", or/ and Brazilian Samba) workshops, choreography and performances.

This can be spread throughout the day, into small breaks.


For one hour or less, please see Party Packages or Festivals packages.

Brazilian dancer london uk

Walkabout/ Meet-and-Greet/ Speciality Halloween event

Sandrine can be booked for human statue, character meet-and-greet, themed events walkabouts: Brazilian samba outfits, Halloween witch, Thriller (choreography and make-up session can be included) evenings etc...

Sandrine has many years as a professional actress, and can add her stage presence to your event (Murder mystery, tropical theme, Halloween, hen night...)

Please make contact to discuss your needs.

Hen night ideas london
Halloween ideas in London
Thriller hen parties in London UK

Thriller party £200

Dance and makeup parties, for up to 30 people.

Adults or children, hen parties or birthdays.

£200, including props, not including venue.

Book here.

London samba dancers for hire

Samba dancer show £200

To hire Samba dancer/ Brazilian dancer Sandrine, please take into consideration the price of a feather costume and logistics of carrying it to a gig.

Therefore the minimum fee is £200 per performance of 15/ 20 minutes. The same fee will allow for meet and greet or interaction for an extra 10 minutes, or for a show of 30/45 minutes with interaction.

Fellow dancers can be invited to join, for a duet, trio, or for up to 10 performers.

Please do make contact.

London samba dancers
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