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Women-only Belly dance workshops are a fun and trendy way to tone up.

Book Sandrine for 60-90 minutes of dynamic tuition in the comfort of your home, or at a party.


This is popular as a weekly or monthly get-together, or as part of a fitness regime.


At £50/60 a session, it is also great value if shared between 2-20 students.


Check out the gift voucher option for your family, friends or colleagues.

Belly Dance Benefits

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Belly dance has been practised by women,  for women for centuries.

Raqs Sharqi, its original name, means Dance from the East.

As a movement skill, it is more and more sought in the Western world. It is also practised by many for its Fitness properties.
Contrary to popular belief, it is not just good to tone the stomach area. It is also fantastic for legs, buttocks, arms, hips, midriff, and lower back...


Bellydance Benefits and Specifics:




Gift Voucher

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Book a private/ group class or
Book 4 public sessions

All classes are redeemable.
Should you miss one session,
just turn up at the next...

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Teacher Biography

London belly dance classes Fulham

An all-round stage artist, Skara./ Sandrine has performed on Stage (Acting and Dancing) since age 17, in Martinique, France, and the UK.
She has taken Jazz and Ballet classes in London, City Lit.
She took up Belly dance in 2004, in London, and discovered its potential in bringing muscle tone as well as emotional fitness for women. She is still training with various UK teachers.

She took Samba with the London School of Samba in 2008/2009.


She started a career as a Belly dance teacher in 2012, organizing public or private classes with beginners or intermediate students.

She has run workshops in Enfield, Dorset, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, and around London.

Please see main Biography page for past and present clients...

Skara has also been involved in Sports from age 13 to 20 (Competition Swimming, Semi-Pro Basketball, Track running) in the South-West of France (Pau) and Martinique.
She has had loads of opportunities to learn about movement, sports medicine, health & safety, fitness education and hygiene, muscle massaging,and so on...


Her senses of pedagogy and communication were heightened throughout her teen years and adulthood, when she regularly provided French tuition to children and adults alike. She also did years of customer service training in London.

She is a keen listener, and enjoys sharing her love of the dance.

Skara is fully-insured and obtained an enhanced CRB Disclosure. She is also a member of Unesco's International Dance Council CID.



Womens Institute, Kent, 2012
'I thought the belly dancing was extremely good fun.  It was energetic and informative but also informal and relaxing.  I haven’t laughed so much in ages …..’
‘There is much more to belly dancing than shaking your belly - harder than it looks, but great fun to try.’

"I never thought I could lose my inhibitions and enjoy ‘belly dancing’ as I did that evening! Skara showed me how beautiful it was, displaying female attributes without being distasteful!!!!!!’   ‘Liberating, taught me how to just let it go!’

Belly dance fitness in west London

"The audience certainly enjoyed your entertainment and ours too! The whole evening was a great success, and I know that there was certainly a lot of interest generated by your visit and presentation, due to the volume of numbers attending tonight, as it was the highest turnout for some time."

Womens Institute/ Clients, Dorset

"Thank you, Sandrine, for such fun at our recent Finchley WI meeting. It taught us all that movement and exercising those cores could be a great laugh! Thank you for the lesson in how to enjoy ourselves!"

Liz, Finchley Womens Institute

Fitness sessions

Beginners 1 & 2 sample moves

One-to-One fitness sessions are available for women, based on Dance aerobic (repetition) movements, dance stretches, or/and jogging/ Walking...


Sandrine can help with diet advice.

Please make contact to discuss your needs.

Fitness tips

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