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Hire a belly dancer for a Hen party , Mehendi or Girls night

Hire a Belly dancer for a party or groups of women before a wedding.
Performances and mini-workshops are often included, with props and coin hip scarves as optional (brought in by the performer).
This can be done at somebody's house, at any hired venue, or at a restaurant.
Dance studios can be booked upon request...
The basic package includes performance and mini-workshop for 30 Minutes to one hour (total 90 minutes) with one belly dancer, without studio booking. A nice alternative is a trendy bar or Arabic restaurant, so you can easily plan the rest of your evening at the same location.

Should you require a longer time, or wish for a bachelorette party outside London, please email, using the Contact page....
Please let your performer know about specifics, so your party can be made extra-special...
Sandrine has years of experience in leading extra-cool hen parties. See her biography page.
Fun themes include: 80s Pop, Michael Jackson's Thriller (including make-up tutorial if so wished), Beyoncé Single Ladies, Belly dance.
The set fee is £200, including props for the party. When the cost is shared between 5-20 guests, it could easily be the cheapest dance hen party in London!...
For the Thriller makeup and dance party, please count £200.
Should you wish for a venue, please state your city; and add £20/£30 for 1 hour, or £40 to £60 for 2 hours.
Considering that most hen party agencies charge £23/ guest, this option is a no-brainer!
Deposit options are available for the above packages, as some hen parties are organized on a "chip-in" basis.
Please make contact.



Thriller video trailer

"Thank you so much, we had a fantastic time for my birthday. Watching you belly dance and then providing us with a lesson made my event successful." Chantella, SE London

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