• Sandrine Anterrion

Party organising tips, from the pros!

Nobody likes to throw away money.

2021 is a unique year, in so many ways. Once the lockdown is over, it will be time to celebrate again!

This is why it is so important to plan every step of your event, detail by detail.

Here are a few tips, from personal experience:

Visualise: what would be your ideal setting, your favourite guests, your dream theme, which music, which decor?...

Write things down. Start with a bullet point list. It helps to keep your head cool.

Plan ahead. Start as far back as you can.

Delegate. As it says on the tin. More people will be willing to help that you think... Cooking, baking, decorating. Get the kids to do stuff, write them a work experience recommendation on their cv... God knows.

Budget. See as above. A brilliant party does not have to be expensive. Be creative. Take your time.

Dont panic. You would fast become your worst enemy. It's just a party, after all... Unless you work for the White House...

Enjoy! See as above. Plan with pleasure. Visualise. See it happen, as you develop your ideas.

Location, location, location.

Originality. Themes. Craziness.... Tattoos, henna, glitter, pink, leopard prints, Spanish foods, 1970s... Entertainment comes next.

Entertain your guests. People want to be surprised: cake shapes, dance shows, singers, wacky stuff... Hen nights for instance can be catered for by belly dancers who can teach them moves, after their show... Christmas and wedding celebrations benefit from colourful dancers or singers. Organise a dance or karaoke competition.

Visit or Quote Facebook PROMO when asking for a quote.

Hand in a souvenir: disposable cameras on each plate, handmade stationery, engraved glass.... Whatever your budget allows. So long as your guests never forget THAT party!!

Have a good one!! And don't drink too much before driving.


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